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Lotte Cohen - Building a new Country
52/70min' Documentary

In 1921, Lotte Cohen immigrated to Eretz Israel, where she ‘married’ architecture. 

Hundreds of her personal letters spanning over six decades, sketch the figure of the first woman architect who left her mark on the building of her new homeland, and much more. Through her own words, we get a glimpse of her socio-feminist and political views, which seem to stand the test of time, a hundred years later.

Directors - Maayan Rypp & Adam Weingrod
Producer - Adam Weingrod
Co-producer - Kobi Mizrahi

Received development grant from the Gesher film fund.
Was part of the 'Spirit of Cinema' accelerator during 2021/2 


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Urban Settlement near Afule (1923) (2).JPG
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