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I See You

2023 | 20min' Documentary

"I See You" paints a poignant portrait of Danny Layani, who, after 25 years of total blindness, regains his sight and sees his wife and four children for the very first time. However, the newfound light in Danny's life begins to dim, taking a sharp turn. Through intimate family archives and meticulous animated paintings, Danny shares his captivating story of resilience, self-discovery, and the profound power of perspective.

Director - Adam Weingrod
Producer - Kobi Mizrahi
Editor - Yotam Sas

Camera - May Abadi Grebler
Animation - Tomer Rousso

/ Festival Screenings


2023 | DOC NYC | USA

2023 | Jerusalem Film Festival | Israel

2024 | Miami Jewish Film Festival | USA

Supported by the NFCT and KAN 11

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