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Beside the Volcano

2019 | 27min' Documentary

After twenty years of conquering the peaks of the most dangerous volcanoes, Danny (66) a farmer from Kibbutz Bar’am, turns his gaze to people living under the volcanoes.

Setting out on a quest to find the answer to this apparently simple question: “Why do people live beside dangerous volcanoes?”

During the trips Danny meets farmers and ordinary workmen who share their life concept alongside the volcano. In the course of their meetings, Danny begins to see himself in the peasants, and the journey begins to travel inward and becomes a journey through his own past – full of pain and bereavement. Looking up at the volcano standing firm and majestic looking down on us, constantly reminds us that we have no control over anything and how fragile life really is.

Director & Producer - Adam Weingrod

Editing - Maya Klar

Cinematography - Yoav Konikoff & Adam Weingrod

Sound Design - Keren Or Biton

Color Design - Peleg Levi

Original Music - Matan Assayag

Volcano pic 1.jpg
Volcano 5.jpg

/ Festival Screenings

2020 | Adventure Film Festival Israel | Israel



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